Short story in Perihelion SF

My story "To Hunt a Sky Eel" is in the latest issue of Perihelion SF, which went live this past weekend.

This story really started inside another story. A couple of years ago I set myself a challenge of writing a far future, interplanetary sort of science fiction story. I had some thoughts, but it really stalled out for a while, until I read a few works by Samuel R. Delaney. Something in those stories made me decide to take a different approach, and the story unfolded beautifully. Or at least, I thought so...though that story hasn't been accepted anywhere yet.

In working through that story, I had at one point come up with the image of these sky eels, floating gracefully and in their full sense-of-wonder-ness through the air. I loved the image and some of the ideas I had to build on that...but it just didn't end up fitting in that story. All that remained was a single reference to them as a part of the planet where the story ends up. So last year I came back and decided to write a sort of companion piece to that, taking place on the same distant world but giving the sky eels more space and development.

On a tangential note, I've now fully updated my bibliography page here on the blog, including the link to this story and all the stories and poems that have been published since I last updated it (probably a year and a half ago or so...). It will be out of date again within a few weeks, unless I manage to actually continue updating it...