Reposting my #WorldAsh serial

Several years ago I had great fun crafting a story in Twitter-sized chunks. There's a puzzle-solving sort of fun to trying to tweak each tweet so that it's interesting in itself while also moving the overall story along. The story, #WorldAsh, appeared in the wonderful (if short-lived) Twitter zine Thaumatrope, appearing one to two tweets each day for a month.

Now admittedly, Twitter is not something I use a lot, but looking back through my bibliography as I was updating in the other week, I decided it would be fun to repost the story, this time to my own Twitter account, @ausema. Now when I originally wrote the story, I used a few opening tweets to establish the character as a picaresque sort of person: young, somewhat naive, a bit of a rogue, overestimating his own talents. The editor didn't think those were necessary, so we ran the story without. Those aspects were in my mind throughout the story, and I think they come through to a certain extent in the rest of the tweets, but I'm not sure how clearly.

Maybe it was the right choice anyway, but I decided to incorporate those original opening tweets this time. So for the past few days I've been adding one tweet each day. Feel free to follow me, or just read only the #WorldAsh ones without actually following. There are just a few days to catch up on, and then you can follow along throughout the next month or so as the story develops.