Haiku-writing month

Someone on Facebook linked to the National Haiku Writing Month website, and I decided it would be fun to do that--for several years now I've thought it would be a good challenge for myself to write a poem every day during April, that cruelest month...but I've never actually risen to that challenge yet. A haiku a day, though, I can do. I'm not intending to send these out as submissions, so I'll just be posting them on Twitter (@ausema, if you want to read them). At the least, it gets me creating something new every day, even in the middle of the chaos of packing up, cleaning, and selling the house, when I don't expect I'll have a lot of time for any other creative stuff.


Bravo on taking up the NaHaiWriMo challenge!
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Michael, and thanks for organizing it.