Thursday, April 15, 2010

Might as well add a Poetry Thursday this week...

Not a regular feature, but I just read Robert Borksi's "Rebranding" in Strange Horizons, and it made me smile. It's a zombie poem. Or a case could be made that it's vampires. It's never explicit. To be honest, I'm pretty fed up with zombies in fiction, though as a trope they're not quite as scraped dry as, say, vampires. But in comical pieces, especially short-ish, they can be fun. I think the clincher for me was calling the zombies (or vampires?) "homo semimortui." Bye bye, sapiens!

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Lindsey Duncan said...

Bwahaha. I love it.

I am very over vampires - though a friend and I are discussing doing a tongue-in-cheek, gossipy, silly story and tackling *serious* vampire issues such as what happens if you're turned and have a beehive hairdo for the rest of your life?