A second poem at Every Day Poets

My poem "The Romantic and the Pragmatist, Biking" is up today at Every Day Poets. This is another relatively old poem, though this time not one from a college creative writing class. It was originally a longer, more involved juxtaposition that belabored the two approaches, but I ended up decided to leave most of it unstated and aim for a more minimalist-poetry approach. One version was even shorter, as a haiku...or at least in the superficial, syllable-counting definition of haiku, but I couldn't quite get it to feel right as a true haiku, even with removing the strict syllable count.

I'm not sure how much it comes across, but the intent was that neither the romantic nor the pragmatist was supposed to be presented as better in some absolute way, but simply that sometimes I'm each--dreaming of flying or simply pedaling so hard I practically am flying.

(Happy New Year, by the way!)