Basketball League

Tonight was our second game of basketball. We lost. Badly. Well, supposedly the other team ran the score up to 90-something last week, so at least we kept them to 76. Right? Doesn't seem like a great accomplishment. I remember this team from two years ago, though. I would be the shortest player on their team...yet there was some debate if I should be the one to take the opening jump for our team. There's a rec league and a competitive league, and for the life of me I cannot understand why they bother signing up for the rec league. I'm sure we won't be among the best teams in the league, but I don't see any teams likely to give them a difficult game at all.

So what's the fun in dominating every week like that? I just don't get it. Big fish in small pond syndrome, I guess.

I don't talk sports much here--I'm not the typical plop down and watch every game kind of person. But I love to play just about any sport. Soccer/football is certainly at the top, with Ultimate (frisbee) close behind, but I do like playing basketball and volleyball a lot too...and really anything that doesn't require too much expensive equipment (or expensive course fees) to play.