Sale to Every Day Poets plus table of contents for Cinema Spec

My poem "Knot" has sold to Every Day Poets. It's a sister site to Every Day Fiction, which has bought a couple of my flash stories. The poem itself is actually an older one, dating back to college, but one I remained pleased with. I'll write more about it when it gets published.

Also, Karen Romanko has announced the order of the table of contents for Cinema Spec, and once again my story will be the anthology's closer. That makes three anthologies (out of three I've been in) that my story was the final one...usually a good sign that the editor thinks it's a good story to leave readers with. At least I hope it's that and not that they think it's a good story to tuck in the back and hope no one ever notices... The tentative plan is to release the anthology in the third quarter of 2009. I think it'll be a very fun one (just as Sporty Spec is), so keep an eye out for it.