Episode 6 complete

I finished the rough draft of episode 6 of my serial project a few days ago. I set that as a first goal post, because in looking at TV series as a model, I found that often studios commit to six rather than an entire season. If things are going well, then they'll green-light the rest of season one. (Presumably they make the decision well before episode 6 has aired, but six remains a benchmark.)

So I'm taking a brief break from writing new episodes (probably no more than a week or two off) while I think about what I've got, give people a chance to read it (thanks, Lindsey and Narcissus!), and get other stuff done--I've already done revisions on a handful of other stories and submitted six stories in the past three days. And I may try to write a completely unrelated short in here too.

So...any grand wisdom from what I've got so far? Not really yet. I do see that some parts are turning out more like chapters in a novel than episodes. I also was looking more at internal arcs and stories...developing them through external events, but the externals don't always have as consistent a plot direction as perhaps they should. If I think of them as episodes anyway, rather than chapters. And the other thing is I've been writing these way too slow--2-3 weeks per episode, when I'd like to be down to about half of that. So for the question about whether to allow this more chapter-like feel to continue, I'll let that simmer for a while before deciding, but when I come back I definitely hope to be more efficient with my writing and speed up the process. Presumably, Bloons Tower Defense will not come out with a fourth edition of their game soon, so that'll help me keep on track...