Home from the hospital

After all the uncertain waiting, never knowing as we went to be if we'd be sleeping through to the morning or getting up in the middle to rush to the hospital, the waiting is finally over. Friday morning at 4 we got up, not rushing exactly, so it was 5 by the time we got to the hospital. And Anneke was born at 10:42am.

We're home now (as of about 24 hours ago, actually) and doing fairly well. She didn't let us sleep much last night and is now fast asleep in the sling across my chest. We definitely hope we can get her schedule switched around to sleeping at night soon...

Anneke, by the way, is a Dutch name. It's a variation on Anna, and we've also seen people spell it Annika (with the same pronunciation). The accent is on the first syllable.

Here's one picture:


Neil Richard said…
Well congratulations! Switching schedule is vital. My littlest is fighting the sand man right now, but has been doing great sleeping at night since he was about 2 months. And now he's sporting two and four-halfs teeth. Crawls faster than I remember his sister going.

Oh, they grow so quickly. But I don't know how I got along without them.

Hugs all around.
Beth said…
hey, cute picture.

Paul Abbamondi said…
Hey, big congrats, Daniel!!
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks for all the wishes!

Yeah, Tk, that switch is key--I don't remember exactly when we got Caleb switched, but I do remember that by 2 months he was very good at knowing night was for sleeping. Here's hoping it goes even smoother this time around.

Hey, Congrats to you and yours, Dan! Sorry so late, I've been having a difficult time keeping up with all the blogs and sites I made the mistake of subscribing to. I was over 1300 posts so I've spent a long day catching up.

Congrats again!