Fictitious Force #5

My contributor copies came in the mail today, and my story leads off the issue. Whether there's really any reason to that or not, it's always fun. And the cover art also, while not exactly a scene from my story, is certainly inspired by the story. The FF website doesn't have any info up yet for the new issue, but there are names you should recognize among the contents. So it's well worth checking out. As with issue 4, the magazine has a distinctive shape, folding over the long way. It seems silly to point that out...and yet, when you take it out of its envelope, that's the first thing that jumps out.

My story, "The Game," combines a (possibly apocryphal) story from the New Games Movement about one of their games that I would play in experiential education settings with a certain level of cynicism about politics. In many ways I'm probably less cynical now than I was 2 1/2 years ago when I wrote the first draft of it, but it certainly could be seen as timely here in the United States. The story is also one of my very rare stories to take place in a modern setting--not steampunk, not near- or distant future, not Bronze Age, not the hazy past of fables. Now, it's a modern setting that includes something fantastic--you wouldn't expect me to set a story in the real world, would you?

So do check out the issue and enjoy the stories!