Review of Text: UR at Tangent

My review of this anthology has just gone up at Tangent Online. I definitely recommend this anthology. The highlight to me (there are quite a few that are very good, but the one that I still like the best) is “The Avatar of Background Noise” by Toiya Kristen Finley. I avoided reading the review from Publishers Weekly until I'd sent my review in to Eugie...and I saw once I read it that a couple of those they picked out as worthy of note were some that I didn't find as successful. Oh well. Ever since I sent it in I've been looking for other reviews out of curiosity to see what others thought, but I haven't found any except one Amazon reader review and an exerpt from the Midwest Book Review (though I didn't find it just now on their website). There's something intimidating about throwing a review like this out there, very different from the intimidation of having a story or poem out.

I was going to put a picture of the cover up here too--my blog needs more pictures, plus it's a cool cover. But something seems wrong with Blogger's picture uploading function. I'll see if I can add it later. For now, here's the link to Raw Dog Screaming Press, which sells the anthology.