A story in Kaleidotrope

I'll be having a story in the April issue of Kaleidotrope. I really like the cover art for issue 1, so I decided to post that here. The story is a rather short one about a race of beings that the humans living nearby have dubbed 'living stumps.' I've written a few stories about them, but this will be the first to be published.

Every once in a while I get the urge to write a YA fantasy novel, and one of the stories that's been playing around in my head would involve these living stumps. Not that the short stories with them have been exactly YA, but I think they could be fun. Of course, I'm plenty busy with current projects, so it would really be several months before I could even consider doing anything with that, but for now the various ideas are bouncing around my head, so when I finish the first draft of the current novel, we'll see what happens. I read a fair number of YA fantasies a few years ago--I remember feeling like the best were able to push at the edges of fantasy more than mainstream adult fantasy does (though in the past couple of years I've discovered a much broader vein of fantasy that my local library at the time hadn't carried).

Oh, I suppose it's also worth mentioning that I had a story make it to the final round of Allegory (formerly Peridot Books), and will learn at the end of February whether they publish it or not. Even if not, it'll have my name posted as 'honorable mention.' So I guess I won't add them to the sidebar quite yet (though I will add Kaleidotrope), but hopefully in a month I can add them.


A novel with the stumps--that would rock.

Good luck on the Allegory sub!
Daniel Ausema said…
=) It could be fun, I think. And thanks!