Two more stories accepted!

One of these is already about a week old, but Blogger has been ridiculously slow every time I've tried to come here and post a new entry or even view other people's blogs (so if I'm behind reading your blog, I apologize).

So, I guess it was 5 days ago I learned that a flash piece called "Poisoned Brush," which I'd written last spring, is accepted for publication from Fictitious Force. It's a print magazine, which is always exciting. The story had been tied up for months at a different publication, so I was pleased with a much quicker response on my second submission attempt. It began with a writing prompt to write something around the idea of flower magic. Flower magic? That doesn't sound like anything I'd write. But I twisted the idea a bit and came out with a fun

And moments ago I received an email that "The Underground School of Lower Education" has been accepted by OG"s Speculative Fiction. This was the story that had originally been written for Jupiter World Press's Higher Education Themed Anthology and was scheduled to be released the week JWP decided to shut down. So I'm very pleased to have found a new home for it. They've just released their second issue, and I'll post it here when I know what issue this story will be in.

One last thing--poking around the website for All Possible Worlds the other day, I noticed my name listed on their website as one of the authors appearing in their premier issue--pretty cool to see that. Right at the top of the list too! (since it's alphebetical...) That should be coming out next March.


Me said…
Good news, good news, and more good news. Well done! You're awesome!
Anonymous said…
Dan rocks!
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