Jupiter World Press closing

Well, I guess this one won't be a brag like I'd hoped. I still intend to get to those things soon though.

I just learned last night that JWP is closing down at the end of the month. So my story that was scheduled to be released tomorrow won't come out (and of course neither will the one in October). At least it didn't come out last week and lose its original rights just before the website closes down. I've been brainstorming what good markets might be for those two stories. The one was written specifically for JWP's higher education themed anthology, but I hope to find a good fit for it anyway. I'd also been working on a story set in the same world as the one that was supposed to come out in October, but again, I should be able to find someplace else for it.

But what this means for "Canyon of Babel" is that if you want to download and read it (and of course I'd love for many people to do so, and not just because of the royalties--I write so that people can read my stories!), you have to download it by September 30. After that, it will be gone permanently.