Another Strange Horizon Review

Since I wrote a few entries about these reviews before, I just wanted to mention yesterday's review. Ouch. But very fun. In case you're too lazy to follow the link and read the review, it's for a book called Skinks: A Pet Store Odyssey. The review, though, is not a typical review at all but a story itself (about a reviewer who couldn't come up with anything good to say about a book). Part of me feels bad for the author...but another part of me thinks I might actually look for the book now just because of how oddball it sounds. I wouldn't buy it, but if I found it in the library, I'd probably give it a quick read.

Anyway, the review itself is worth a good laugh. And apparently the silliness of it all was intentional to celebrate their one-year anniversay of reviews. Today's review was back to normal style.


Me said…
I don't read many reviews, but that has got to be the best one i've read so far.

I also feel sorry for the author, but it was good.