The Market of Magical Goods collection in print!

 And in the next catching-up-on-things post, I've collected all the Market of Magical Goods drabbles that I used to put up on Curious Fictions, added another dozen that hadn't been published before, and made them into a chapbook. It's something small, but I'm really proud of these micro-fictions--I think you'll enjoy them!

What is the Market? It's an open air marketplace where you can buy magical rings and swords and flying carpets, potions and curses and a vast array of fakes. Beware!

Each story is exactly 100 words, offering a teasing glimpse into the true powers at work in the market.

If you want a taste of what these stories are like, I've posted one on Ko-fi, "The Seller of Rain in the Magical Market." They're brief and whimsical little stories that are easy to quickly read whenever you have a minute to spare.

Check out the collection!