"What Passes for Eyes in Dreams and Death" in Fantasy


I've been traveling (and even when not traveling, pulled in a thousand directions at once), so I have several different new publications/announcements/news-type things to post about that each deserve their own post. So first, in June my story "What Passes for Eyes in Dreams and Death" was published in Fantasy Magazine.

If you subscribed, you were able to read it right away. (Hey, why not subscribe, while we're at it? Amazon is changing the way they allow [read: don't allow] subscriptions, which could have some really bad effects on a lot of SF/fantasy magazines, so the more subscribers they have, the better!)

Right at the end of the month, the story became available to read for everyone. Or even listen to the podcast to have Stefan Rudnicki read it to you!

And when you're done with that, there's also an author spotlight that you won't want to miss!

Tangent Online's review says that it "...is beautifully written but, at least for this reviewer, doesn’t really tell a story. It would have worked better as a poem..." I consider that an endorsement.

More news, etc. to come!