2022 publications -- Award Eligibility Post

These past months have been chaos. No apologies or explanations, but there have been a number of things published since my last post. They will be included in this award eligibility post:

In 2022 I had 8 short stories published, 3 poems, and 2 novels (though one was first serialized in 2021). I have some other works forthcoming, including some that might be out before the end of the year, but if so, they would be eligible for next year's awards instead.



Spire City: Occupied

The death of Spire City's greatest inventor couldn't come at a worse time.

The fabled city of beetle-drawn carriages is occupied by a foreign power, and that country is at war with another.

Five people find their lives spiraling together in the aftermath of his death: Temli, an airship captain; XXXXX, an unnamed correspondent from the front lines; Keene, a grizzled beetle hunter; Jensha, a singer chained to one of the city's spires; and Alless, the former apprentice to the late inventor.

The Roots of Betrayal

Terrorists attack the Princes, Outcasts build a new city, and the mage Pavresh discovers that Arcist Magic is more powerful than ever imagined.

Pavresh spent the last 5 years exploring the mountains around the Eghsal Valley, seeking to expand Arcist magic by incorporating the foreign traditions of the mountain tribes. But he discovers these barbarian tribes might be more deeply connected to his own people than the official histories admit.

Now, news from home has him hurrying back to the Valley: A mysterious, violent group called the Sons of Ryo are terrorizing the cities. The ruling Princes are under threat, and his friends are losing the only shelter they have.

What is this mysterious group, and who is pulling their strings? Who is the man claiming to have crossed the inpenetrable mountains from the Forgotten South? Can Pavresh use new more powerful magic to protect his friends’ new home, or will the cost be too great?


Short Stories:

"The Cities Rise Up on Legs of Lead" in Daily Science Fiction

The city of Letura stand up, drawing its own buildings up to form a gigantic avatar. Surely so it can fight its neighboring city-avatars, its citizens believe.

"The Goddess of the Braided Light Drive" in New Myths

Tycha tends the knots and braids of light on a spaceship. An emergency forces her to take on a more mythic role to save her ship.

"The Quartermaster Trial" in Mythaxis

A people in a run-down future try to find a new home.

"The Forgotten Treaties of Wildfire and Feathers" in Daily Science Fiction

A mythopoetic take on wildfires, mountains, and the treaties of non-human powers.

"The Stockings of Santa River" in the anthology Alternative Holidays

A quietly horrific tale of two siblings in a post-apocalyptic world, exchanging gifts.

"By the Scars Shall You Know" in Metaphorosis

A non-linear story of a closed society protected by a thick forest of thorns...and of one who tries to break free.

"The Grammar of City Streets" in Diabolical Plots

In a city where street names become sentences, the mapmaker Sayya has the power to help those who are lost.

"The Counter Poison Pigment" in Daily Science Fiction

The apprentice Cinna uses the magic of pigments to fight back against corrupt rulers.



"Unveiling the Moon" in Eye to the Telescope 44

"The Battle Monument over Tessain II" in Eye to the Telescops 45

"The Boatman Statue" in Star*Line 45.3


Kindle Vella:

I've also continued experimenting some with Kindle Vella this year.

Other Sam and the Shadow Squad is an MG story about a group of kids who have to fight to protect our world from shadows...until they get pulled across the boundary into the shadow world itself and learn that everything they thought they knew was wrong. This is complete.

Darkness Comes Without a Song is the first novel I ever wrote. It's the story of Aerrem, the son of a vanished people who commands a powerful magic of music, one he doesn't yet understand. The tangled truths and lies of the past force him and those around him to confront their complexity in the midst of war, in pursuit of peace. This is ongoing and will wrap up in a few months.