The Quartermaster Trial live!


"The Quartermaster Trial" is live now on Mythaxis. It's a companion piece to the story "The Huntress and the Conveyor Worlds," which was published in Mythaxis two years ago. The characters are different (well, except for one who may not exactly count...), but this returns us to that world of dimension-hopping conveyors and lived-in, breaking-down technology.

When Andrew accepted the earlier story, he suggested I should send him some more stories in that setting. I didn't have more stories... But doesn't mean I couldn't consider writing more.

Around the time the story came out, I was tinkering around with the opening to this. It wasn't coming together, so I set it aside. A few months later, I took it out again and wrote the rest, but by then the bulk of the story didn't quite match up with the opening I'd written earlier. So I set it aside again and only finally got it all working together in this form late last year/early this--just in time for Mythaxis' January submissions period.

So now you get to read Paikle and the way of life for the peoples who scavenge for scraps along the conveyor routes.

Will there be more Conveyor-worlds stories? Time can only tell.