Goddess of the Braided Light Drive in New Myths!

Photo by Akshar Dave🌻 on Unsplash
In my last post I mentioned this story, which sold to New Myths. And it was published soon after that, so in the interest of catching up on some of the things have been slipping through my fingers in the chaos of recent months, here is the story: "Goddess of the Braided Light Drive."

This was a story I wrote a few years ago when I decided to do a bunch of short stories for NaNo instead of a novel. Before the month started, I jotted down some ideas of what stories I might write, and one was to write something that captured some of the feeling I get from some of Yoon Ha Lee's SF stories. Sometime when I wasn't by that list of ideas, I had the idea of a braided light star drive and filed that away...

And forgot it by the time I got to writing a space-based SF story. I wrote one with a card game and inter-planetary politics instead (and I still hope that one gets published so you can read it too, sometime...). Then I remembered about the braided light idea, and the month wasn't over, so I wrote it as well. I think there's some Gene Wolfe influence in there as well, especially The Book of the Long Sun. It ended up with some mythic undertones and a character who chooses to use the superstitions of the people around them for their own benefit.

Enjoy! (and stay tuned for more to come...)