February whirlwind of news...

February turned out to be a crazy month, with most of the craziness coming in the span of a week. I'm still rather dizzied from it, so this will simply be a rundown of what's happened:
  • Spire City: Occupied was released as an ebook. It will remain available on Kindle Vella and on Ko-fi as well.

  • There is a "forthcoming" page for Arcist Chronicles #2: The Roots of Betrayal on my publisher's website! And I've seen a couple possibilities for the cover art, and either one is great. Can't wait to share it with you!

  • "The Cities Rise up on Legs of Lead" was published in Daily Science Fiction. It's a story of cities that take on a towering, human-like form and...battle? The residents of the cities are eager to see what their homes will do.

  • I also sold a new story to DSF--"The Forgotten Treaties of Wildfire and Feathers." So watch for that coming up!

  • And I sold a story to Mythaxis. "The Quartermaster War" will be my second story in that magazine and shares a setting with the previous story there, "The Huntress and the Conveyor Worlds."

  • That's not all--my SF story "Goddess of the Braided Light Drive" has been accepted by New Myths, my fourth story to appear in that magazine.

  • And one more thing... my poem "The Forbidden Path to Forgetting," which was published by Fantasy Magazine, has been nominated for a Rhysling Award! Many thanks to the person or people who nominated it!
Phew, I'm sure I'll have more to say about all of these items in time, but for now I just want them up here on record. Happy March!