Weird Christmas flash!

I was traveling over the New Year and didn't get a chance to post this until now, but the results of the Weird Christmas flash contest went up just before New Year's Day, and the audio for the episode went up a few days later.

And my story "The Power of Presents and Spidersilk" won in the Stocking Stuffer category! Of the three categories it was the biggest, with something like 400 entrants, so I'm very thrilled, of course. I aimed for solidly weird--the story includes spider-elves, an eel-drawn sleigh, and begins: 

Santa, the jolly old frog, croaks his delight at the shiny new swamp-sleigh. Candy red with green trim, just as he ordered. Decorated green, for the blood of his defeated enemies the lizards...

So give it a read, and give the podcast a listen (you'll hear me reading it!). Some other writer friends are among the winners and honorable mentions, and you'll find a delightful range of weirdnesses to satisfy whatever seasonal mood you might be in or want to delve into.