The Market of Magical Goods - Serial

Photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash
The shopkeeper offers you a tincture. One drop in your eye will let you recognize the stories that matter. Will you take it? Do you trust the keeper of this stall of strange wonders?

What is the market of magical goods?

It is an open-air market with many stalls, each unique, repeating themselves in fractal uncertainties. A place for powerful goods and blatant frauds. Stalls of worthless junk. Stalls of rare magic. Flying carpets and magic lamps, enchanted swords and wondrous potions, charms to ward off evil, scrolls to summon it--and also the many shopkeepers, experts in rare finds, each certain that they can convince you to buy.



Later this month I'm going to begin posting this non-sequential, serialized work, a series of brief, interlocking micro-fictions that straddle the line between prose and poetry, with a strong fabulist vibe running through them. See the full announcement on Curious Fictions (where the serial will be posted, starting in a couple of weeks).