Silk Betrayal: timeline

While I have no plans to do a massive George R. R. Martin style multi-book history of the Eghsal Valley and all its twists and turns, the book does include a broad timeline of the major events of the past 600 years. This is, to be clear, the timeline as generally accepted by the scholars of Eghsal Valley. Some scholars may quibble on the exact timing of various events, especially around the original arrival of their ancestors, but most agree that it looked something like this. Whether it is completely true or not...well, that’s the challenge of history, isn’t it?

If you own the book, you have access to this timeline already, but it’s at the end. So if you aren’t in the habit of looking at the end of the book first (especially likely if you own the ebook version), then you might not even realize it. So here is what most scholars of Eghsal Valley believe is the history of their land:
  • Year 0 
    • People journey from the Forgotten South. Details of why and how have been lost (or perhaps intentionally destroyed).
  • 0-300 
    • Many skirmishes with the mumblers who originally inhabited the valley.
  • 300 
    • First reliable records. Caste structure and system of 30 ruling princes already in place.
  • 340-375 
    • Major warfare with the mumblers.
  • early 400s 
    • Jarnur and Pashun founded (isolated fishermen had previously lived at the mouth of the river, but no actual settlement).
  • 450 
    • Shifting of volcanic activity leads to Eghsal City being abandoned. Romnai founded and declared the new capital.
  • 500-506 
    • Tensions between cities lead to Pashun and Jarnur both declaring independence from Romnai; army of untouchables becomes a threat to all cities and leads to them reuniting.
  • 575-590 
    • Mumbler Wars—nearly disastrous; won in large part because of Chaitan’s arcist magic.
  • 630 
    • Present day.

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