The Silk Betrayal’s Unbirthday

Last December The Silk Betrayal was released in print form. It’s typical to have some sort of big release celebration...but I hesitated, wondering if I should wait until the ebook was released as well. By the time the ebook was released in April, life had thrown about a dozen wrenches my way and, well, I guess I need some dodgeball training to avoid them. And recovery time… So I didn’t end up doing anything special then, either.

I don’t know when to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the book’s release, so I’m just going to call all of December The Silk Betrayal’s unbirthday, in good Mad Hatter style, and turn the whole month into a celebration.

What will that mean?

I’ll have a bunch of new background on the novel—the characters, their world. The Silk Betrayal has many characters, both POV characters and side characters who play a big role in the story. So I’ll introduce some of them. The history of the world is rich and practically begs for at least a concise explanation and timeline. Arcist magic itself is unlike other magic systems you may have encountered. The various religions of the valley are important parts of the characters’ lives. The culture, inspired by the history of various distinct regions of India, leads to questions of being a conqueror, a tourist, or a guest when researching and learning from other cultures.

I’ll also post a now-deleted prologue, an in-world letter that sets up certain parts of the story nicely...but ended up weighing down the opening. We decided it was a worthwhile addition to the novel that would be better to post online.

And there will even be something new, a hint of what’s to come for the surviving characters of The Silk Betrayal and for the future of The Arcist Chronicles.

So stay tuned for a month full of the rich and evocative world of Eghsal Valley and the people who live there.

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