Exciting Spire City news!

Not a new story, but I decided this would be a good time of the year for two things:
  1. A Sale!
  2. A new print version release
What's that now?

The Spire City books are on sale now. Whether you prefer Amazon, Smashwords, or someplace else, the prices are all slashed. (On Smashwords, Season One: Infected requires a coupon to get the sale price. That coupon should be listed publicly, but in case it isn't showing up for you, the coupon code is QE92V.)

Season One: Infected — Amazon | Smashwords
Season Two: Pursued — Amazon | Smashwords
Season Three: Unwoven — Amazon | Smashwords

Not only the full seasons, but this novelette is on sale as well (Amazon only):

"The Spire Singers" is a side story that tells of a neurotic and seemingly insignificant paper-pusher who becomes embroiled in just how strange the city is. It's always free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, and now the price has dropped for everyone else as well.

Wait, you think, isn't there another side story? Yes, the prequel novella The Patterns of Cloth and Dreams. And that's the reason for both the sale on everything else and point #2 above.

This is the story of Chels's mother, Nalariana/Nalra, a dressmaker whose striving for something more gets her involved in travels into the distant north where the old ways and strange, new technology are in an uneasy truce, a truce that may not extend to her. It has an amazing cover to go with a fun story of discovery that expands the world of Spire City significantly.

The novella itself has been available for almost a year (Amazon-only). Amazon has recently been encouraging writers to create print versions of their books through the KDP store rather than CreateSpace (even though CreateSpace is owned by Amazon as well...). I've used CreateSpace for the print versions of the full seasons and been very pleased with the quality of the books. So I didn't want to migrate those books over to the new service right now. But I decided to give it a try with this novella.

The proof copy looks great. I love to see that artwork in physical form! If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, this one remains free--but you may want a print copy as well! And if you're not a subscriber but want the ebook version, that's on sale along with everything else.

So with the new school year starting, what better time to read some Spire City stories of magic, weird science, and steampunk wonder!