Silk Betrayal is certified for Underground Reviews

I haven't used the Underground Reviews site in the past, so I'm not entirely familiar with how they work. But their focus is on smaller, independent presses and self-published books. To make sure they get books that aren't just tossed onto Amazon without the full editing, proofreading, etc. treatment they ought to have, the site goes through a certification process before approving books for potential reviewers. The Silk Betrayal is now certified for their reviewers.

That doesn't mean it has a review yet. So why am I even bothering to mention it here? Apparently you can go vote for the book, which makes it more likely a reviewer will choose it. So if you have an account at Underground Reviews or feel like creating one for yourself, then vote for The Silk Betrayal to be a featured review there soon. (How much influence does that have? I have no idea...)