"The Towers are on Strike" at DSF

OK, life these past couple of months have thrown a real curveball at me, and I haven't hardly felt like I've had the chance to catch a breath. It probably will continue to feel like that for a while, as well, but I don't like to get into that on my blog.

In fact...when I read other blog posts, and the focus is on blogging itself (including lack of-), I tune out. So I won't say any more about that here. I do have a wide range of news and other items coming up here that I want to get caught up on and ready for, hopefully including a guest soon.

For now, though, I just want to point your way to a story that just came out this week, "The Towers are on Strike." The author notes explain a bit about where the story came from, so I won't go into that here. It's a whimsical story, in a way, though not without a bite to it. A fable, I guess, even without a trace of animal characters.

Do people still talk about the New Wave Fabulists? It's a term I remember coming up pretty frequently as an alternate name for slipstream (another term I don't hear as much recently) back when I started interacting with other writers on the internet. I haven't come across many discussions about fabulism--the genre? the movement? the approach?--recently, though for all I know that may be because I'm no longer keeping up with whatever the key centers of the approach are. Discussion board days are...fading. But rereading this story when it came out the other day, I remembered the term.

A fabulist approach is definitely a significant part of a lot of what I write, especially in shorter forms. Anyone want to steer me toward like-minded writers? Give the story a read and come back to let me know.