And now Silk Betrayal is out for real! Paperback and Hardcover editions

This post just went up on my publisher's Facebook page:
It's now out! The Silk Betrayal by Daniel Ausema is available to purchase on Amazon, our web store, and a number of other online retailers. If you like exciting fantasy with excellent characters and intriguing setting, get this. There will be sequels, but this first book is fine as a stand alone. (In fact, it was conceived as a stand alone by the author until I read it and said "I want more!")
The start of a new fantasy epic.
Arcist magic draws upon archetypal images to shape emotions and compel action. Pavresh wants to study with the master arcist, to understand the underlying patterns of the magic. But he is swept up in the intrigues and revolts of the city of Romnai, events which could destroy their society or set its people free. Can he use his skills to shape the future or be caught in a web of betrayal?
Faster and Cheaper in the UK, with more of the money going to the author and publisher, order from our website:…/…/the-silk-betrayal.html