My new title: Studio Writer

If you go over to the website of the forthcoming card game CLASH: Dawn of Steam, you'll notice an ad for Spire City over on the side. What? Why? Well, beneath it the text refers to me as the game's studio writer. I can't claim credit for any of the copy text on the website itself, and I'm not involved in the wording of the rule book or anything. What I am doing, though, is writing some short stories to accompany the game. Some might be used for promotions during the game's Kickstarter (probably in April), and all will be included in a booklet in the game when it's produced. Depending how the Kickstarter goes, it might even involve some further stories.

The game itself looks quite cool. My wife and I used to play board games and card games pretty much every evening (until our kids disrupted that), so while I'm sure there are many recent games that I'm completely unaware of, this seems like a very professional and beautifully designed game. So, go check out the site and the concepts behind the game. And stay tuned for further news.


E.L. Wagner said…
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks! We're having a lot of fun with it so far.
Sloane Taylor said…
This is fantastic, Daniel! Congratulations on this unique opportunity.