Finessing the pilot episode

By which I mean, we've been working on the edits for the first episode of Spire City, Infected. The first few episodes already, actually. The plan is to stay at least a full month ahead on the final edits, and we're working on pace to stay well ahead of that target for now. The process is going great--I'm thrilled with the suggestions and edits I'm getting to really make these episodes shine (in their grungy, Victorian-era street-orphan way). (Note to self: grungy, Victorian-era street-orphan [whatever] is a great phrase I ought to use more often.) The pilot episode will pack its punch in a much more polished and immersive way.

On a tangent of interest only to some of you...but for the record, when switching between Open Office (which I use) and Microsoft Office (which the various editors at Musa have been using), .rtf formats aren't ideal. They work fine with track changes, but Open Office apparently doesn't play nicely with comments in .rtf files. But as long as we save our documents in .doc format, then we're good to go. So if collaborating with others is why you've hesitated to dump Microsoft Office or other program suites you have to buy, here's my plug for switching to open source Open Office.

Of more interest, we have cover art! Not finalized, so I can't share it here quite yet. Soon, though, we should be able to reveal the cover for Spire City, Infected; Season one; episode 1: "A New Infection." It's getting close, folks!


Lauren Michelle said…
Looking forward to it. I love that you got with a publisher willing to work in the format you wanted--will be fun to see the finished product.
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Lauren! Your critiques along the way were a huge help with this.