Spire City to be published by Musa

This has been brewing for a little while now, but with all the contracts signed and plans starting to take shape, I can announce that Musa will be publishing my serial fiction project, Spire City. I blogged about this project in very general terms several years ago when I first started working on it, and even as I've set it aside to work on other novels, I've often found my mind wandering back to its streets. So a couple of weeks ago I decided to pitch it to Musa, and now here we are.

So what's it about? I'll have plenty more about it in the coming weeks, but basically Spire City is a steampunk city with beetle-drawn carriages and singers chained to the tops of the ubiquitous spires. A mad scientist invents a serum that targets the city's poor and indigent, turning them slowly into animals. I'll write more in the future about Chels and the other characters who live here, most of them infected and without hope of healing, but determined nonetheless to fight back against the mad scientist and all those who support him, as long as their bodies let them.

Look for Spire City: Infected, season 1, episode 1 to be published in late November.