Scolyard's "The Constructs Foresee Their Doom" in Three-Lobed Burning Eye

A bit late with this, but the new issue of Three-Lobed Burning Eye went live last week, and includes this story, set in the city of Boskrea. This story was a long time in seeing print. I wrote the initial draft when I was still living in Michigan, as I realized when I was going through some old papers recently, which makes it early 2005. It was my first story set in Boskrea (a much more recently written story that takes place long after "Scolyard" appeared in Penumbra's dreams issue last summer, "A Dream of the City's Future" and a Boskrea poem is forthcoming in Nameless, and there are quite a few others awaiting a home). It was frequently praised by editors...but always "not quite right for our publication" or something along those lines.

So naturally, I'm thrilled to see it in print, and if you take a look at that table of contents, I feel like it's in very good company. You can read the issue for free online or order a .pdf from the site. Enjoy!