Story in Miscellanea Library

My story (ish) "The Delicacies and Delights of Boskrean Cuisine" is up today at Miscellanea. If you dig around the Library a bit (something I definitely recommend doing), it'll be clear that this was written specifically for the Library. The concept of Miscellanea is that these are excerpts from books that you can imagine existing, which leads to great Borges-tinted whimsy. So I took the Boskrea setting--which I've used for a number of stories, including "A Dream of the City's Future" in last summer's Penumbra and the forthcoming story in 3LBE and poem in Nameless--and just did something fun and whimsical to go in the Library.

(Probably worth apologizing for no posts for a while, though I don't want to make a habit of blogging about blogging... Suffice it to say that our now-four-month-old is demanding more of my time than either of his siblings did at this age. I expect posts to continue to be highly sporadic for the time being.)