"Gallery of Vanquished Art" in Kaleidotrope

So a month or two ago, one of my favorite quirky print zines became an online zine (Electric Velocipede), and now another one has, Kaleidotrope. After 13 print issues (3 of which included stories of mine), Kaleidotrope is switching to being an e-zine, and the website went live today with its first e-issue. Rather than "issue 14," it's simply listed as "Winter 2012."

One of the stories in this first online issue is my flash fiction story "Gallery of Vanquished Art." This one began as a writing prompt. A group of us had been throwing out ideas for future writing prompts, rather, and someone suggested a monologue. That one wasn't the prompt chosen, but I decided I liked the idea and patterned this story very loosely on Robert Brownings' "My Last Duchess," where you gradually realize just what a monster the speaker of the poem is. The little hints and things he leaves unsaid make this a story I'm quite proud of.