Reviews of my "Tree Ring Anthology"

Des Lewis is collecting the links to all reviews on the HA of HA website. So far my story has been getting a lot of good comments, which as you can imagine is deeply gratifying. Karim Ghagwagi writes "The story is densely packed with rich, suggestive imagery. The original variation on the theme is refreshing, and the tale’s fantastical elements are also aptly employed to highlight environmental concerns." Matthew Fryer calls it his favorite in the book and writes, "Anthropomorphic, dark and strangely moving, this is a superb piece of unconventional storytelling and a great twist on the theme." Anthony Watson calls it "perhaps the most interesting" and says, "It's a clever story, beautifully written and even manages a sting in the tail." And the Stars at Noonday blog writes, "Daniel Ausema's 'Tree Ring Anthology' uses the description of the rings on a tree stump to recount a range of ecological nightmares with a science fiction edge, demonstrating again that perspective and voice can lend any subject a strange and disturbing atmosphere."

What really stands out as I read these reviews, though, is the high praise for the anthology as a whole. Not every reviewer liked every story, of course, but every reviewer (so far) comes away with a positive recommendation for the anthology. The anthology is not yet available from Amazon, but you can purchase it directly from Des Lewis (or from Lulu).


Nyki Blatchley said…
Congratulations on the good reviews.
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Nyki!