A pair of stories available

In what's an impressively quick turnaround, my story "LumberJill is already available in Flagship Issue 6. You can buy the issue in text-only, audio-only, and text-and-audio-both versions.

This story is one I wrote the first draft of several years ago. I was reading Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings, which includes a heading listing a number of tall-tale-ish animals that supposedly could be found in lumberjack camps. It put me in mind of Paul Bunyan stories, so I combined the two (without ever directly referencing Paul himself--the title character thinks about and refers to her uncle without it ever saying who exactly he was) in a fun riff. I'm very pleased for this story to be out there and available now.

The other story to have recently become available is "To Save a Hero" in Bards and Sages Quarterly's July 2011 issue (Amazon link).

This story came from a one-hour writing exercise where the prompt was something like "Your character is drunk because of something bad that just happened. A stranger offers to send him/her back in time to fix it, but when s/he goes back in time, s/he discovers that this time s/he's still wasted (making fixing anything problematic, much less trying to change the events)."

It's a twisty little tale that only gets revealed slowly. I gave it a sort of weird Western feel, which was fun to play with.