Review of my story "Cities of Nostalgia"

Kaleidotrope 11, which includes my flash fiction "Cities of Nostalgia," has been reviewed at SFRevu. Short reviews of each story, including this about mine (after a brief plot summary), "This was a lyrically-written little tale."

This is just one of a handful of stories and poems to be published or accepted while I've been taking a few-month blogging break. Now that I'm hoping to resume at least sporadic blogging, I'll make mention of those other stories and poems in the days ahead.

"Cities of Nostalgia" is of a series with two others that have been published, as well as a fourth that I recently wrote. I see them as homages to Calvino's Invisible Cities in part, with some touches of Dunsany and others as well. One little me-being-spacey moment I discovered after this was published: I originally wrote the first one with the intent of evoking Dunsany's short story "Idle Days on the Yann" about a river voyage and what awaits the narrator along that trip. In that first one, I named the railroad the Yahm Railroad, with the intent of reminding anyone familiar with Dunsany of his story without copying it. In the next two in the series, though, I meant to do the same and only now did I realize that I reverted to Dunsany's name instead. Oh well. The other two that have been published are "City of Games" in Sporty Spec and "City of Facades" in Cinema Spec.


Fred said…
I definitely felt the Calvino influence while reading it, which is one of the things I liked about it, although I'm not familiar with the Dunsany piece and so didn't pick up on the "borrowed" title. Oh well, I suppose that's another argument to made for e-zine over print, perhaps -- the ease at making corrections after the fact.

Thanks again for the story and continued interest in Kaleidotrope!
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Fred. And very glad to be a part of Kaleidotrope--looking forward to the evolution of the zine!