We've been back from our trip for about a week, but it's always crazy getting back into the swing of things. So I'm finally getting around to posting a blog entry. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Coming down through the mountains toward Santa Fe (my wife insisted on listening to the Newsies soundtrack...) with a thin-cloud snowstorm that showed the setting sun only slightly dimmed.
  • Albuquerque botanical gardens.
  • Snow-dotted cliffs outside Gallup, New Mexico.
  • Seeing a bit of the Painted Desert as we crossed Arizona.
  • A rainbow-colored cloud off to the side of Mt. Humphreys as we came toward Flagstaff. Of all the places we saw, Flagstaff seemed like the one I could see myself living in...though admittedly that's based mostly on the surroundings, as we didn't really see much of the city itself.
  • The Grand Canyon, with snow among the piƱon trees along the edge.
  • Saguaro cacti and palm trees as we dropped down from Flagstaff to Phoenix.
  • Warm weather in Phoenix (almost too warm...but a nice break from winter).
  • The zoo and very cool children's museum in Phoenix.
There, that's my version of a you-gotta-see-my-vacation-photos blog post. Now back to my (I hope) regular blogging soon.