Enchanted Conversation: a Fairy Tale Magazine

Enchanted Conversation - A Fairy Tale magazine Ralan's has had this new market listed for a little while now (not completely new, but an updated and revamped zine), but in case anyone hasn't had a chance to notice that, I thought I'd point it out here. Each issue will be themed around a particular fairy tale or fairy tale trope. There are certain fairy tales that I've seen turned into short stories so often over the past few years, that I'm hesitant about those particular stories...but I always like to be surprised by either a new, previously unfamiliar tale or a new take on one I'd thought I already knew too well to bother.

The word count is short, and the submission window even shorter, so if you're interested in writing something for it (the next theme is Rumpelstilkskin), check out their guidelines. The first issue of the year will come out on March 20.


Lindsey Duncan said…
Great concept, but you may have noticed it takes me more than 2000 words to say hello. ;-)
Daniel Ausema said…
I thought of you right away when I saw the zine...and then thought of you again when I noticed the low word count :p