Bar Book Club

I got so caught up in wrapping up NaNo stuff that I forgot to blog last week about our reading club.

So, beer of choice: a new one, Imperial Bruiser Brown. I liked it, a good brown ale, dark and flavorful. I also tried a sample of another new one they had called Mild Insanity. It was about as different from the brown as you could get, but I still liked it--sweet but not overly so, so light it was almost clear. If they still have it available next time, I might order that for something different.

We had a good discussion on The Picture of Dorian Gray. It wasn't quite what I was expecting in some ways, but I'm certainly glad to have read it and to be aware of cultural references and such. I think it makes a good foil/companion piece for Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Ethan Brand."

We had a number of good choices for the next time, including Daniel Wallace (who wrote Big Fish, which we read in this group a year or so ago) and Cormac McCarthy. We ended up picking Charles Portis' Dog of the South. Early on in this group we read his Masters of Atlantis, which is a madcap, hilarious farce, one that's led to many inside jokes in our group that more recent additions to the group feel left out I'm looking forward to seeing how this one plays out. Watching out, as always, for the Jimmerson Lag.