Thoughts on NaNo, week 3

I've had a very productive week. I don't want to bore anyone by just posting about word counts and such, so I'll just say that I'm pleased with where the story's going. My initial outline is still holding up fairly well, though some things have surprised me and some things have made me shift the focus of what I was planning to write.

I did have one point early in the week when I went blank for a while. I'd reached a big turning point in the story, and once I got past that, I realized that I'd been writing with that moment in mind for the past several chapters at least (since the beginning in some ways), but what was supposed to happen after that for the next few chapters was still very vague in my mind. I ended up getting through it, but I have a fear that the chapter will feel as full of floundering uncertainty to readers as it felt while I was writing. Well, those kinds of worries can wait until the first draft is done.

I went to my first in-person write-in today. Only very briefly--I was out doing some other errands (haircut, buying new running shoes, returning something for my wife) and finished them more quickly than I thought I might, so I stopped by for about a half hour. I wouldn't say I got to know the people much while I was there, but it was good to be able to show my face, however briefly. I wrote by hand, which is something I only rarely do. Got about 500 words written, as it turned out. Nothing too impressive, but a decent half-hour of writing.

Now to do some quick things around the house and then see about getting a bit more writing done...