An old soccer t-shirt

I was digging through my old clothes for something to wear running this morning and came across a shirt that was my favorite back in high school. The front is a big block of text, each line fully justified, but with a big variation in font size to make it work. Just thought I'd copy it here for fun:

It's been 90 minutes.
The score is tied.
You're sucking wind
& resting with your hands on your knees.
I am smiling & laughing.
'Cuz while you were sitting in front of the TV,
I was training.
So don't hang your's too late.
just listen to your coach read you the riot act.
I'll be thinking about
how I'm gonna score on you.
On second thought, maybe you should hang your head.
At least you'll be able to see the ball
as I push it through your wobbly legs.
But don't let it get to you...
It's only a game!

I can remember wearing it to Cedar Point (or was it 6 Flags Great America?) and having people constantly tell me not to move when the line moved so they could finish reading it.