I just discovered this poetic form yesterday. There are good summaries of it on (primarily on the English-language adaptation of the form) and Wikipedia (on the world-wide tradition). It's a fun form. I like the feel that the rhyme/refrain gives to the couplets.

So what do I do? I stayed up late (or...a little later than I'd intended to stay up, anyway) to throw together one, scribbling it onto a notecard. It came together nicely. I completely replaced one couplet this morning as I typed it up, which made it considerably better, and I posted it at a couple of critiquing sites, so I might easily be revising it again. But I think it definitely has good potential, even as is. Funny how a short story can take days of agonizing (I enjoy the process...but it can still be tedious at times) to get to that same point of feeling nearly ready.