Short Fiction Tuesday

First, two of my writer friends have new stories up: Lindsey Duncan has "The Weatherwoman" in Reflection's Edge and Barbara Barnett has "The Name of Trust" in Alternative Coordinates.

In my ezine reading this week, the one that stands out is Paul Jessup's "The Last Stand of the Ant Maker" in Apex Online. The story seems to hover between whimsical fantasy and visceral horror, which was a fun tension. It also has nods to the zombie apocalypse meme that usual doesn't do much for me (except occasionally in something comical), but I think because it's more of a plant-based infection (colonization, even), I enjoyed that part instead of finding it tedious. It's a story that leaves its images to linger in my mind after I've read it. So go check it out, and the rest of the new issue of Apex that just went up, while you're at it.


Lindsey Duncan said…
Hsst, Dan ... Barbara's story's link also goes to mine. :-)
Daniel Ausema said…
Oops...fixed now.
You could have really messed with people and made my title link to Lindsey's and Lindsey's title link to mine. :)
Daniel Ausema said…
I, umm, could do that... =)