A lost year then?

I don't want to give the impression that last year was a miserable one or that I achieved nothing. In fact, if I'd broken down my goals last year as I did this, I would have greatly exceeded my goals. I've blogged various times about the serial fiction project I started a year and a half ago. I finished up what I called season 1 last March or April and then left it alone for half a year. During that time I wrote some short fiction, including one I'm hoping to revise shortly and have high hopes for, and I also wrote an extensive novella-length story that I hope to weave with a group of other stories and poems to create a mosaic novel of sorts. That has a lot of work needed, but I'm pleased with what I accomplished.

And then November came...and with some hesitation I decided to do NaNo. I chose the second (and final) season of my serial project and wrote close to 55k words during the month. Then I nearly finished the rest of the season during December (and just now finished writing the climactic scene of the final episode--another 1k-1.5k to wrap things up, and it'll be complete). So I'm very excited about that and have been exploring some things to do with the story.

It's been the public aspect of my goals that ran fallow last year. Being very clear and specific in my goals now should help with that as I move forward. My next post should be the first in what I plan to be a weekly feature here.