Cinema Spec available now!

I got an email from Karen Romanko yesterday that Cinema Spec is already available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, apparently surprising her by how quickly it went through the system--she'd been told 6 to 10 weeks and instead it sailed through in 4 days.  So reviews are not out yet, since the idea was to time them for the expected publication date...

Anyway, I'm very excited to see this book and to see the reactions of others to it.  It looks like a lot of fun.  As with Sporty Spec, my story wraps up the anthology.  So...Raven Electrick Ink has done sports and movies, what do you think she should do next?


Lindsey Duncan said…
A collection of pantoums *flees*

(Yeah, my submission got turned down on the primary basis of its form. ;-))

Congrats on the publication! The wrap-up position is a great slot to have, too.
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Linds! Somehow I don't see Pantoum Spec as terribly likely... Sounds a bit too much like Pantaloon Spec, which might be a rather different antho.

I saw someone suggest a library/bookstore theme called Biblio Spec, which I love the idea of.
Lindsey Duncan said…
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Lindsey Duncan said…
Sounds like some kind of Victorian ... all right, I'm going to quit there while I'm ahead. ;-)

That would be rather cool.

I'd also say some kind of music angle, but I would.