"Knot" up at Every Day Poets

My poem "Knot" is up today.  Another older poem, this one is basically a sonnet with the second quatrain surgically removed and replaced with lines from a Herman Melville poem.  Those Melville lines were some I read in a high school lit class, and they stayed with me, playing a part in my first attempt at a bit of poetic prose that I entered in a contest back then (and deservedly didn't win...) and then several years later in this poem.


Kate The Great said…
I'm in the slow process of building a sci-fi/fantasy novel about trees. Do you mind if I use your poem as a chapter heading? i'll credit you, of course.
Daniel Ausema said…
Hi, Kate, and welcome! I had to think about this a bit, but I imagine it's all right. I think, though, that I'd prefer you contact me again when and if you get to the point where it'll be published. You can either contact me here or at the email address listed in my profile.

Thanks for your interest, and best of luck working on the novel!