World Con

So I'm going down to World Con for the day tomorrow. This'll be my first time attending a con. I have vague fears of high school-style boredom, standing around with no one to talk to or nothing to say to those I am by, wondering how long until the next class, err, session, so I can at least be doing something... But I'm also excited to get a taste for what these things are like and hopefully meet a few people here and there. I'm riding down with Jeremiah, and he'll introduce me to many people, I'm sure. So I know it won't really be a repeat of my freshman year of high school. That doesn't stop some animal part of my brain from dredging up long-buried feelings, though.

It'll be especially strange to be away from the kids for an entire day, especially since my wife has been back to work these past two weeks.


Unknown said…
Have fun at the convention. It sounds like a great opportunity to meet some people in the biz. Take advantage of it.

Thanks for saying "Hi" at the end of the panel on International SF Fandom. Congrats on your publications so far! :-)

Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Chad. It was a pretty crazy whirlwind in some ways, but good too.

It was nice to meet you too, Alavaro--and thanks! Be sure to put up some more suggestions of Spanish authors on your blog sometime!