Tangent Online and Shantytown Anomaly

A few weeks ago, I had a story, "Treasure from the God," appear in The Sword Review. It's now been reviewed by Tangent Online. I was quite nervous how it would be received there, since it's the first story of mine they've reviewed, and they're quite willing to tell when they didn't like a story. So it was a relief to see that the review is really quite positive. (I'm actually looking into doing some reviewing for Tangent myself in the future, though of course I won't be able to review anything that has accepted my work, even for a different issue.)

I'm also able today to announce a new acceptance. My extremely short (100 words exactly) flash fiction, "The Bomb of Eden" will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Shantytown Anomaly. It's a print magazine of mostly poetry, though they accept flash fiction, and the issue this will appear in will apparently focus on fiction. The story is a playful twisting of the Adam and Eve story involving an atomic bomb.